November 16, 2013

  • PICTURES : : because I seem to have a writer's block

    I. The Mayor of Toronto

    Rob Ford is portrayed as The Blob.  Every satirical cartoon that can be drawn about him will be drawn about him.  He and brother Doug are described as a Canadian Soprano family, given to crack smoking, oxycodone, weed, drunk driving, and hookers.  The mayor even used cocaine while eating poutine, which is clearly an insult to poutine, or to cocaine, or to both.  Rob insists that he never said to a staff member that he wanted to "eat her pussy" -- and while this may be true, we do not want politicians to talk like this.

    Click to expand this photo.  The Toronto City Council is shown turning their backs on Rob Ford, shown at top right in his underwear.



    II. Your Banksy Street Art of the Day



    III. An earlier self portrait proving that I used to have hair.




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