February 16, 2016

  • A Banquet of All-you-can-eat Crazy

    The conservatives want to punish the President for his pigmentation.  Yeah, pigmentation.  Now if the election is closely contended, the Supreme Court may be tasked to decide the winner, as it did in 2000.  But there will not be a functioning Supreme Court until after the election, say the conservatives.  Quite the conundrum, hah?  Democracy grinds to a stop.

    How will we survive without Jon Stewart?

    All of this would be perfect fuel for a Jon Stewart satire -- but he's retired.  I have the best wishes for Trevor Noah, but he is nowhere near as funny as Jon.  John Oliver is funny enough, but he lacks a blood lust for American politicians.  And what about Samantha Bee?

    She is bloody enough.  And she is funny enough.  Samantha is the new Jon Stewart.  She has a killer instinct for American politics -- and she's not even American.

    She makes Bernie look like a doddering geezer.  And she makes Hillary sound like the lizard goddess in Ghostbusters!


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