March 5, 2016


    (edit:) last time I said,

      We can only take comfort in the polls that predict Hillary's victory in a general election.

    Here is the problem.  Democrats cannot win unless they turn out to vote, and they usually don't.  That was the case in the midterm elections of 2014 where Democrats, although a majority, stayed home and allowed the fired-up Republicans to outvote them and win.  In 2012, by contrast, the Democrats were more enthusiastic, and they turned out and won.

    If we look at the tallies in recent primary elections, we see that Republicans are turning out in record numbers, especially the Trump voters.  If the trend continues, Trump is going to win.

    The lesson is that Democrats must, must vote in November.  Talk to your friends, volunteer in your local precinct.  Then you can sit back and have a beer until November.  Relax.  Surf the Trump satire sites.  Look at pictures of Trump in drag!

    TrumpDrag3 TrumpDrag4
    trumpdrag2 TrumpDrag7
    trumpdraga TrumpDrag9
    TrumpDrag8 TrumpDrag0

    (edit:) one more thing: the repugs are still going to be very active in gerrymandering and voter suppression. So we need to launch plenty of lawsuits as soon as possible.


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