Month: October 2015

  • Bad Lip Reading 2015

    In case you missed the first democratic debate:

    Yes, there is a republican BLR video too:




  • Your Daily Click Bait

    Carly Fiorina Pegs Ted Cruz in Iowa

    DES NOINES: Senator Ted Cruz, seen limping and rubbing his backside, admitted being deeply penetrated by the ambitious woman candidate.  "It was an enormous strap-on," said Cruz.  "I just didn't see it coming."  The pegging comes on the heels of Lyndsey Graham's buggery in South Carolina and Marco Rubio's cornholimg in Florida.  Said Fiorina, "protect your rectums, boys!  I'm on a roll now.  I shall not be stopped."


    Putin Invades, or Doesn't Invade, Delaware

    Gangs of men dressed in green, wearing ski masks and Russian-looking uniforms with no insignia, were recently seen shuffling around Wilmington.  Vladimir Putin denied any knowledge of them.  "Anybody can buy these stuff in costume store," he said disdainfully.  "Who are they? I not know who are they."

    An analyst from Fox News observed that many of the green men speak Russian with a true Russian, not Delaware, accent, and thus must be recent arrivals.  The separatist faction in Delaware is still only a minority.  By a poll taken within the last year, 79% of Wilmingtonians said they did not wish to be part of Russia.

    Hubit Chekokoff, the self-declared mayor of Wilmington, arrested a small group of the Delaware State Police.  The "mayor" asserted that he had proof that at least one of the officers is a "spy."  Moscow says it has played no role in the uprising, to which Putin added, "these very much correct."


    What is the Universe? Where did it Come From? How Do We Get Rid of It?

    SCIENCE: The Space Administration has served its purpose.  It was entertaining.  But the universe costs too damn much.  Administrators feel it is more important to reserve cost of the stars and asteroids for defense and for bolstering the job creators.


    Women Can Help -- by Putting Out!

    Mass killings occur every two weeks on average, and there appears to be no remedy.  Mental health checks, bans of assault weapons, and closing the gun show loophole, each will only prevent a finite number of shootings.

    What do all American mass killers have in common?  They are virgins.  They are young, white, alienated, and unlaid.  Also, they tend to post whining rants on youtube.

    Fuck these guys.  Seriously, someone needs to fuck these guys -- problem solved.  This was the thinking that led activist Nataly Loveless to form an organization named Slutbang International.  "We are looking for volunteers to find these guys in youtube and bang them," says Nataly.  "Come on, two or three quick thrusts gets them off.  Think of the lives you will be saving."


  • Outstanding Achievement in Drama

    Yeah, I watch a lot of TV.  I'm retired, you know.  It turns out Youtube offers most episodes of Homicide: Life on the Street, a police drama that ran from 1993 to 1999.  Wikipedia says:

      Homicide's purpose was to provide its viewers with a no-nonsense, police procedural-type glimpse into the lives of a squad of inner-city detectives. As opposed to many television shows and movies involving cops, Homicide initially opted for a bleak sort of realism in its depiction of "The Job", portraying it as repetitive, spiritually draining, an existential threat to one's psyche.

    Though it struggled with ratings most of its lifespan, Homicide won a pile of dramatic awards such as the Television Critics Association for Outstanding Achievement in Drama, and Peabodys.  Andre Braugher emerged the series breakout star as Detective Frank Pembleton.  Here Alfre Woodard reprises her role as Dr. Roxanne Turner from the series St. Elsewhere 1985 - 1988.

    The theme of "Mercy" (45 min) is euthanasia, and not surprisingly, the issue is not resolved.  But the dramatic depth of the dialog is riveting.  The 1998 episode is entirely brilliant -- the writing, direction, plot, and acting are nearly perfect.  Alfre Woodard and Braugher together are as vivid as a Shakespeare colloquy, particularly in the last fifteen minutes of the video.  I could watch it twenty more times.



  • Asshat Numbers

    So the Russians have joined the war in Syria.  We are amazed that anyone could side with Bashir al Assad in this dispute, but Putin has never felt constrained to appear reasonable.  The numbers are plainly unfavorable to Assad.

      Every year of the conflict has seen an exponential growth in refugees.  In 2012, there were 100,000 refugees.  By April 2013, there were 800,000.  That doubled to 1.6 million in less than four months.  There are now four million Syrians scattered throughout the region, making them the world's largest refugee population under the United Nations' mandate.

      At this rate, the U.N. predicts there could be 4.27 million Syrian refugees by the end of 2015 —- the worst exodus since the Rwandan genocide 20 years ago.  SOURCE  And this estimate was made before the present air campaign.

    4.27 million is a major portion of Syria's total population.

    What proportion is that, we might ask?  The population of Syria in 2007 was 18,881,361  (I retrieved this number from my study of the 2008 olympics.)

    So the proportion is 4.27 / 18.88 * 100 = 22.62%, which means about two Syrians in nine are refugees.  For reasons mentioned above, it is a low ball estimate.  In fact, if Russia continues its current trajectory, some EU analysts project, we may see a doubling of the number of refugees within a year.

    I rest my case.  We do not have to know which of the 29 different rebel factions support ISIS or Iran or are actual terrorists.  We only have to look at the above proportion to know that Assad is a true Asshat.