June 13, 2016

  • ban THIS

    Would a Muslim ban have stopped the Orlando killer?

    The orange dumpster lost no time in congratulating himself for his ban on Muslim immigration.  But he didn't bother to explain how a ban might have averted the tragedy.  Mateen was born in New York and moved to Florida.

    The hoped-for outcome of the current election is that the dumpster loses decisively, and this means the Democrats must all show up at the polls and vote.

    Talk to your friends.  Ask them if they need a ride to the polling place.  Talk to your parents, brothers, and sisters.  Tell them they do not have to like Hillary.  They do have to love America.  They do have to show up at the polls and vote.

    Now. Who is our favorite attack dog?



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  • Elizabeth Warren gets my vote as the best speaker, but while both she and Ken Burns are articulate, it's not enough. They're too smart, too unentertaining. How can anyone but a pandering performer get through to the multitudes who are planning to vote for Trump? Who are these people? Clearly they'd rather be entertained than think about the depth of knowledge necessary to lead this country.

  • they are all about making money not making jobs.

    Everyone stopped talking about 911 , but everyone on the earth knows they blew up those buildings

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