March 13, 2016

  • Does Trump encourage violence?

    Trump is bafflingly uninformed about Ferguson.  He was strangely puzzled about the campaign protests in East St. Louis.  Others have known about the problem since -- well, for twenty-five years.

    Savage Inequalities: Children in America's Schools is a book written by Jonathan Kozol in 1991 that documents the reversal in America of the case Brown v. Board of Education.  Segregation has been steadily on the increase. [ Link ]

    Twenty-five years ago, in Jonathan Kozol's visits to East St. Louis as well as Camden, Cincinnati, and D.C., he discovered overcrowded, unsanitary and often understaffed environments, lacking basic tools and textbooks.  He cited the large proportions of minorities in areas with the lowest annual budgets, despite higher taxation rates.

    And recently we watched the protests of the killing of the unarmed black man Michael Brown.  But as we know, the outrage had been building for decades.  Where you have strict segregation in schools, you necessarily have economic repression as well.

    Trump was deeply puzzled.  "There is a lot of anger in America," he said, but it was an anger he didn't understand.  Trump is bafflingly uninformed.

    End of sermon. So let's look at the excellent artwork of The Daily News.






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  • He is only about himself. He knows diddly about government or any office of the government.

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