Month: January 2016

  • Our Greatest Living Beat Poet



    Heads are spinning.

    Media heads are spinning.

    This is going to be

    so much fun.


    Right winging,

    bitter clinging,

    proud clingers


    our guns,

    our god,

    and our religions,

    and our Constitution.


    These are unifying values,

    from big cities

    and tiny towns,

    from big mountain states

    and The Big Apple.


    You hard working Iowa families.

    You farm families,

    and teachers,

    and teamsters,

    and cops,

    and cooks!

    You rock ‘n’ rollers,

    and holy rollers,

    all of you who work so hard.

    You full-time moms,

    you with the hands that rock the cradle,

    you all make the world go round.

    And now our cause is one.



    The poet is also known as Mama Grizzly. See this video for more explanations.

  • The Year in Review

    We don't see Dave Barry columns often enough these days.  Fortunately Dave Barry’s 2015 Year in Review is available now, and it is a very fine essay - LINK
    Here is a sample -

      NOVEMBER is not just a time for fear: It is also a time, as Thanksgiving ushers in the holiday season, for all Americans, regardless of ethnicity, religion or political views, to be deeply offended. Nobody is more offended than college students, who stage a series of protests over the racism, sexism, fascism, heteronormism and — trigger warning — insensitive Halloween costumes that constitute the festering hellhole of hurtful things that is the modern American college campus and THERE IS NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT IT.