November 2, 2013

  • Handbasket Saturday

    Your Daily Assault with a Mackerel

    Swedish police are investigating an assault case involving a mackerel (LINK).  According to the police report, a man was sound asleep in his apartment when a woman came in and stole food from his refrigerator and 2000 kronor, or about $310.  Then, not content with the food and money, she grabbed a whole mackerel and started slapping the sleeping Swede in the face with it.

    A spokesperson for the Nyköping police said they did not yet know how exactly the fish-wielding woman got into the apartment late at night, but they're pretty sure the man and woman know each other.

    Mackerel (Scomber scrombrus) on White Background


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    Your Daily Et·y·mol·o·gy

    The health care debate turned into a fierce donnybrook when . . . wait, who is Donny?  And why does he brook all this violence?

    This word is very old.  In 1204, King John gave a licence to hold an annual fair in Ireland.  Donnybrook was once a village on the high road out of Dublin, but it is now one of Dublin’s suburbs.

    (LINK) The annual fair became a gathering-place for horse dealers, fortune-tellers, beggars, wrestlers, dancers, fiddlers, and the sellers of every kind of food and drink.  It was renowned in Ireland and beyond for its rowdiness and noise, and particularly for the whiskey-fuelled fighting that went on after dark.  In a 19th century account, “The only principle of the traditionary Irishman on his visit to Donnybrook Fair was, ‘Wherever you see a head, hit it’.”  The usual weapon was a stick of oak or blackthorn that Irishmen called a shillelagh.  The legend was that visitors to Donnybrook fair would rather fight than eat.




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  • Austin Tx uses the motto "keep Austin weird" as a tourism device. Apparently, it works.

    I would click on "ambivalent" were it available.

    • Without Austin, Texas would be completely neanderthal.
      (No offense -- I know about voter ID laws, contraception laws, Ted Cruz, capital punishment, and so forth.)

  • well you have to understand Sweden. They just legalized public masturbation as long as the act isn't AIMED at someone.

    • I detect a gender bias in this Swedish law. Because a woman could never be charged with aiming her masturbation at someone . . . unless she ejaculates, but even then, who would bring charges? Not me.

  • I'm rarely missing the "REC" and/or "Like" buttons...except when I read YOUR posts! :-D
    I hope weirdness never dies...if it does I'll have to die with it!

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