November 13, 2013

  • Costume Exceptionalism

    The Miss Universe contest in Moscow was won by Gabriela Isler of Venezuela, shown here in traditional ethnic garb.universe-Venezuela
    Gabriela Isler

    Whether this is an authentic, folkloric costume of Venezuela is somewhat open to debate.  I would have expected an indigenous peasant costume or maybe a guerrilla get-up in the style of Hugo Chavez.

    The other traditional costumes were more traditional.


    And what is the ethnic, folkloric costume of the United States of America?  It is like no other.  It is exceptional.
    Miss USA Erin Brady

    It is her real costume.  I am not joking.

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  • Seriously?! It's way not slutty enough to represent American ethnicity. Wait, what's American ethnicity? Is that a new oxymoron?

  • Wow. I find Miss USA's outfit kinda' weird! Ha!

    I like Gabriela's garb! She is so beautiful!

    Do you like Miss USA's outfit?

    HUGS!!! :-)

  • hahahaha...I must be shopping at the wrong stores! seriously, if I wore shoes like Ms. Brady I would fall off and break my neck! The girls are all quite lovely though.

  • Miss U.S should have wore something from the Ammerican Revolution

  • Let's see, a woman dressed as a fictional transforming robot...nah, it just represents extremely poor taste and ignorance. Transformers aren't even from Earth, let alone America! This is bizarreness to the max.
    Miss Venezuela's outfit is authentic in comparison.

    • Hypothesis #1: Bad economy, the usual sponsors turned us down this year. We could only get Milton Bradley, and then, only with major strings attached.

  • Holy Optimus Prime Batman, she's a transformer! More than meets the eye..

  • Aren't Americans known for comical preposterousness!?!?

  • Yes, I understand. :-)
    BTW: How did you get your font bigger?
    (And I realize, coming from me, that question screams sexual innuendo...but I really do mean "how do you make your font bigger?")

    • The answer is CSS.

      ah haha that is a programming term, but don't let it scare you. I am going to give you one small method in it.
      (btw everyone else is welcome to use this)

      I. First, write and edit your blog in the usual way.

      II. The xanga editor has a TEXT tab and a VISUAL tab. Select the TEXT tab.

      III. At the very top of your post, insert <DIV style="font-size: 12pt;">

      IV. At the end, insert </DIV>

      Of course it is possible to set the specs for font, font weight, text-align, etc. You can set the size as, really anything, 12pt, 14pt, 26pt, ... so good luck.

      And may God have mercy on your soul.

  • HA!~ Yes, may God have mercy on my soul!!! :-D
    (I just snorted loudly!)
    Thank you so much for the lesson!
    I'll give it whirl when I post the next time...I'll let you know how it goes!
    HUGS!!! :-)

  • Oh my gosh, I was sure the one from the U.S. was a joke you were making. :-0
    I don't buy the 'traditional' from Venezuela either... leggings? I don't think so... not back then, as in traditional.

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